Bold Decisive Action

Running to bring positive disruption to the political conversation and grassroots representation to Washington.

Why I Am Running

After 20 years of military service with multiple deployments over four continents, I am ready to serve you and fight to protect our freedoms at home! I will fight for YOU. Together as Virginians and Americans, we will support and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

Technology and innovation is the future. There are 2.2 million millennials in Virginia who demand forward thinking leaders that can drive an innovative and efficient government. As a digital native--having been active in the Virginia tech startup scene over the last few years--I value a culture of innovation to any organization, particularly the federal bureaucracy.

Virginia is home to the 3rd largest veteran community in the nation. Our veterans and their family members deserve a stronger voice that understands the entire life cycle of a veteran family. I will hold the government responsible to its obligations to our service men and women. It is time to not only get our veterans the benefits they were promised, but to move into the 21st century with a smarter infrastructure. One that improves government efficiency while cutting costs.

Over 519,000 new LEGAL naturalized immigrants reside in Virginia. These law abiding newly minted patriots have been unjustly caught in the debate over illegal immigration, and are not properly represented by either party. My life experience serving and studying in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia--coupled with my family's own personal journey to the United States fleeing an oppressive Soviet regime--lends well to understanding these communities, their concerns and ultimately to being a voice of reason in Congress.

As an entrepreneur, warrior, diplomat and attorney, I am uniquely positioned to represent the Commonwealth in the U.S. Senate. Utilizing the energy and zeal of a Green Beret, the level headed judgement of a diplomat and attorney, the transparency of a millennial and the compassion of a family man from a law abiding immigrant family...I will fight for YOU harder than I fought to finish my 1,776 mile run for our vets and for our nation through Virginia last year!